Thursday, August 1, 2019

HWY 2 - Day 9 - Kalispell, MT - Priest River, ID
This morning in Kalispell I was searching for a good  breakfast.  Hungry...ready eat.  Eating across Montana has has been an interesting experience.  Whenever the word "interesting" is used the actual meaning may be up in the air.  Sometimes Goggle or Trip Advisor works...sometime not.  Took a chance.  Plugged in The Knead Cafe in Google Maps.  Rode up and stopped in front of a nondescript building.  Open? Not Open?  Tried the door.  Sure happy I did.  Alissa met me with a smile, filled a cup with local brewed coffee, and served up the best carrot scone I have ever eaten.  She also shared local information on some places down the road not to miss.
Ordered up a mouth watering breakfast that did not disappoint. Now maybe I am carrying on a bit about a breakfast.  Here are the facts:  been on the road for 10 days, almost forgotten what great food tastes like.  To tell the truth couldn't eat it all.  Eyes bigger than my stomach.  Wrapped up that tasty scone and enjoyed it down the road a ways.
HWY 2 west of Kalispell was a perfect two laner.  Hardly another car, smooth road, enough twistys to satisfy any biker, scenery out of this world.  Doesn't get any better.  Took a break at McGregor Lake to take it all in and finish that incredible carrot scone.
How big is Montana?  It stretches for over 650 miles east to west.  HWY 2 takes you all the way across.  The state covers an area larger than New England and New York put together, but has a total population small the that of Hartford, Connecticut.
Between Libby and Troy the Kootenai River weaves it's course along the road.  It hits it's lowest point at Troy which is nearly the state's lowest elevation - 1,892 feet above sea level.
A popular stopping point is called the Kootenai Swinging Bridge.  The rickety old swinging bridge sways from cables suspended 50 feet above the green water of the river.  Walked out to make a photograph from the middle the bridge.  It never stopped swinging...and swaying.
Crossing into Idaho roughly five miles east of the Washington border, Priest River is a busy lumber town with two huge Louisiana Pacific mills dominating the local economy.  Watering the logs to keep them cool.  Has to be done.  Prevents instant combustion from the heat generated from stacking the logs together.
So many bugs on my leathers.  Ol' Sport is covered from headlight to taillight with them.  Have to stop every few miles to clean my dark glasses.  Even the bears in the area know that "Bikers Taste Like Bugs".  Makes you feel much safer knowing a bear might rather eat a bug than a biker...maybe.

Kickstand down Priest River, ID 210 Miles.

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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