Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What's in your frame?
As photographers, we are a bunch of individuals always on the move.  Lookin' here, lookin' there.  Lookin' for the interesting, lookin' for the unique.  What if you stopped, plunked your butt down in one place.  Just hung out.  What would you find in your frame?
You might notice these photographs are not the plains of New Mexico.  Yip...you noticed right.  Last week made a trip to California.  Up above the highways cruising through the airways.  A flight to the beach.  Travelin' none the less.
The beach is amazing environment.  You can sit and stare at the waves for hours on end.  Watch the continual parade of folks arriving or leaving.  After watching the waves for an undetermined amount of time, the thought came to mind of framing what was right in front of me.
Quickly the beach story began to develop within my frame.  The tide changed.  The light changed.  The people changed.  I was sitting in the same place.  Hadn't moved.
Next time you are out and about think about plunkin' it down and takin' in the world with your frame as it moves around and past you.  Might be a whole new perspective.

be strong, be safe, Talon

BTW:  The So.Cal. beach could not be a more perfect place to spend endless days with my beautiful wife Nancy.  As they say in California....way cool dude!


  1. I look forward to all your travels - and the accompanying thoughts & photos - this one made me particularly happy. Thank you!