Sunday, September 4, 2016

Miles of beautiful mountains

The 1938 WPA Guide to Idaho described this section of HWY 93 as "miles of beautiful mountains, ranging from soft flanks to the lean and glittering backbones".  Cold overcast skies this morning leaving Arco.  Temperature around 45 degrees.  70 degree change in a week.  Working to adjust.  Added all the layers in the saddle bags.  
In 1983 one of the most powerful earthquakes to hit North America rumbled through Lost River Valley instantly dropping the valley floor as much as 14 feet and forming dramatic escarpments in the area.
As the valley floor dropped, the Lost River Valley Range rose.  All occurring within a matter of minutes.
The Salmon River meets the road in the flats moving into the Salmon River Gorge with sheer canyons and steep walls of rock.
Into Salmon the highway twists and turns for 35 miles along the river.  After several days of straight handlebars it became a magical ride of pressing and leaning into the turns.  Heavy clouds promised rain all afternoon.  It was a cold, but dry.  Looking for hot coffee.

Kickstand down in Salmon ID tonight. 

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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