Friday, September 2, 2016

Meetin' the TRIBE
Last night saw the bikers rolling into the Hotel Nevada in Ely.  Figured it was a Labor Day weekend run beginning.  This morning front of the hotel was crowded with bikes and members of the TRIBE NOMAD MC.  They had ridden in from across Nevada, Oregon, California, and Utah for their annual run.   A special time to patch in new members and remember fallen brothers.  They have 22 chapters internationally.  Didn't take long to start shaking hands and sharing stories.
Redman, International President of the MC, made me an honorary brother.  Other brothers from different states handed me "Brother Cards".  "When you need anything, show the card, we'll take care of you".  Swinging my leg over my bike, several brothers gathered in a circle around me.  Shared a special blessing for a safe trip.  Brotherhood, spirit of the road, that's what it's all about.
Leaving Ely a  sign gas 124 services ahead.  And they call HWY 50 the Lonely Highway.
The historic Pony Express route crosses HWY 93 just north of McGill.  Quite a different iron pony.
Gas tank filled at the 124 mile marker.  Another 75 miles to Jackpot.  First heavy winds of the trip.  Front to the west.  Temperatures drop quickly 20 degrees.  Into Jackpot tonight.  Jackpot was founded in 1956 after Idaho banned slot machines.  Jackpot's visitors mostly come from Idaho, as do its power, water, even its clocks are set to Idaho time. 

Kickstand down at the Four Jacks Hotel.  Red carpet in my room with slots and roulette wheels printed in purple.  Pure Nevada border-town gambling.

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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