Thursday, September 1, 2016

Extra-terrestrial life does exist...?
Few miles north of Alamo HWY 93 meets the intersection of Nevada 375.  Better know as the Extraterrestrial Highway leading directly to Area 51.  It was a detour from my route, but it needed to be explored.
Within a few miles it was very apparent extra-terrestrial life does exist.  They seem to come in peace.
Forty miles of road without passing a car HWY 375 comes to Rachel.  Rachel is located just outside the gates of Area 51.
Some of the local residents had stopped by the cafe for lunch.  Asking if I could make a picture they were a bit shy about making eye contact.
Turning back from Area 51 to return to HWY 93 alien objects were seen hanging from Joshua trees.
Rejoining HWY 93 the road opened into the Great Basin.  Mile after mile, cloud after cloud,  the experiences of seeing extra-terrestrial life first hand, making photographs of extra-terrestrial folks,  yes...they must be out there...somewhere....

Kickstand down in Ely, NV at the historic Nevada Hotel.  Probably dreaming about ET tonight.

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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