Saturday, August 1, 2015

On the road to Sturgis:
Packed the Low Rider and left Santa Fe under cloudy skies.  In and out of rain all morning.  First gas stop was Russells Truck Stop north of Springer, NM on I 25.
Greeted by Elvis at Russell's.  It's always good to take a break from the road and meet up with old friends.  Amazing how this guy just does not seem to age.  I wonder what his secret is?
Off the interstate slab and onto the blue highways at Trinidad, NM.  Following the original Santa Fe Trail across Colorado.  Braked to a stop in Model, CO.  Almost missed the entire town.  Once was a thriving community.  Almost a ghost town now.
Onto the High Plains Highway (HWY 385) at Lamar, CO.  Down the road at Cheyenne Wells, CO the highway was blocked with police cars.  It was the annual city fair parade.  As of the 2000 census Cheyenne Wells has a listed population of 1,010 fair folks.  They were all at the parade.  Because of the limited population, the parade circles the court house twice.  It was a short stop.  About five minutes.
At Julesburg, CO the Ford Dealer had a select collection of unique models with real "fixer up" potential.
Crossing into Nebraska the wind on my back, sun on my face.  State Patrol behind every tree.  Constantly rolling off the throttle to maintain the speed limit.
South of Bridgeport, NE clouds quickly formed into a storm filled with lightning and wind.  Dust filled the highway.  Debris blowing across the road.  No place to stop.  Head down.  Hit the throttle.  Seemed as I was in the heart of it forever.  Passing out of the storm noticed there was grass and small branches wrapped around my handlebars.

Kickstand down in Bridgeport, NE tonight.  Blue Highways across America.  Nothing better.

be strong, be safe, Carlan


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  2. 5 minute parade and the Ford fixer-uppers! Ha ha ha