Monday, September 8, 2014

Kansas City the beginning
Arrived in KC this afternoon via Southwest.  Met John Mink at the Harley-Davidson factory.  He had the new Low Rider ready to go.  In 1977 the Motor Company introduced the classic Low Rider model.  Over the years changes have been made.  The classic design of the bike has remained unchanged.  A true Harley classic!  My assignment from HOG magazine is to ride this beautiful classic across part of the American west via Highway 50 toward the Pacific Ocean...and make some photographs along the way.
Unpacked my "air" bags to repack my "bike" bag.  Looking at everything tonight I am really wondering if I may have "over packed" the "air bags"!  In the morning I tour the factory where the Low Rider is built.  Following the tour it will be time to hit the start switch, put the kick stand up and head for the freedom of Highway 50 west across America.

live free, ride free,  Carlan

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