Tuesday, September 16, 2014

HWY 50 West - Pavement - Broken Pavement - Gravel - Dirt - Slab
West out of Fruita CO this morning HWY 50 was like the road we all dream of traveling.  Smooth, not another car in sight, prong horn grazing in the hills, soft morning light, cool breeze on my face.
Crossing into Utah things change quickly.  Pavement broken, potholes big enough to get lost in, down to 10 mph just to prevent my teeth from banging together.  Up over a rise in the road...no road...before I can stop...I am committed.  Into a deep washout.  End of road. Finally get turned around.  So much for Google maps.  Back track several miles to I-70.  
At Crescent Junction short detour south to Arches National Park.  Stop at Papa Joe's for an ice cream.
 Arches National Park.  Red rock reaches to meet  blue sky.
 Red rock landscape.  Millions of years old.  Carved by water and wind.
Passing through "The Reef".  A day of moving through a timeless landscape.  We are so young compared to the ancient land we walk upon.  Salina, UT tonight.

live free, ride free, Carlan

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