Friday, September 12, 2014

Cimarron KS to La Junta CO
US-50 runs along what was known as the "Mountain Branch" of the Santa Fe Trail here,  a longer but in it's day a safer alternative to the main route. There's little to see and smell apart from acres and acres of irrigated farmland and continuous feedlots.
An unusual cold front moved in last night bringing rain, wind, and much below normal temperatures.  Opening the door to my room this morning I was faced with a day of low clouds and 40 degree temperatures.  Time to suit up.
Cold temperatures call for drastic hand wear when riding a motorcycle.  No battery warmed gloves here.  Start with nitrite rubber gloves, followed with silk liners, topped with thinsolite and leather motorcycle gloves.  Even with all the layers after 50 miles in 40 degrees at 60 mph fingers begin to numb.  The hardest part is the time required for a simple rest stop just to get a zipper down...
It doesn't stop with the gloves.  The rest of the body gets covered as well.  Can you say...Darth Vader..."I am your father"....

Under all of that is still a BIG smile on my face...lookin' for a hot shower tonight.

live free, ride free, Carlan

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