Saturday, May 31, 2014

Putting Light and Life Into Your Photographs
Have you ever heard photographers say, "I don't use flash, I only shoot available light"?  Maybe that actually translates to "I don't have a clue about using flash with my camera".  Or, "how does this thing work and when in the world would I want to use it"? Sound familiar?  If it does, I may have  just what you are looking for.

On July 19 - 20 I am teaching a Flash Intensive Workshop at the Santa Fe Workshops.  In two days we learn to take the mystery out of using flash. Adding light and life to our photographs without the "look" of flash.  Beginning with on camera flash and quickly moving to speed lights we learn to soften, diffuse, bent, direct, shape, and otherwise control the light we add to our photographs.  Shooting outside in bright sun light?  Maybe you need just a touch of additional light to put life into your photograph.  We will learn to do that.  TTL, iTTL, TTL BL, manual, remote, commander, we cover it all.  All along the way making it easy to understand and use creatively.

Flash intensive.  That is what this workshop is all about.  In two days you may actually hear your self-mumble, "wow…this flash thing is pretty cool"!  Let's get together for this exciting, fun, and informative workshop.   Look forward to seeing you there!

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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