Thursday, January 31, 2013

XWE' CHI' EXEN (Cherry Point) End of the rail line:

Xwe' chi' eXen is a sacred landscape of the Lummi Nation.  It is also the proposed terminal location and shipping point for the export of the Powder River Basin coal to China.
Xwe' chi' eXen
For over 3,500 years, 175 generations, the Lummi have lived, raised their families, celebrated, held ceremonies, died and are buried here.  The proposed terminal at this location includes an 80 acre coal storage area placed upon a Washington state designated burial site and ancestral village.
Ancestral village and burial site
The Lummi Nation is rich with oral tradition, culture, and traditional knowledge.  The area is revered by the people as a creation site.  It is significant for their relationship with the salmon, and is integral to the salmon ceremonies.
On the horizon the Frazier River carries salmon into the bay
Jay Julius, tribal official, "the salmon are our buffalo".
I spent time talking and walking with Jay Julius across the stones along the beach.  Jay stopped at one point and said, "we are walking on the stones our ancestors walked on 3,500 years ago".

I will share more of Jay's story with you when I return home. I also know I will return to work with the Lummi.  They have important teachings to share.

be strong, be safe, Carlan 

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