Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Burros, Bank Robbers, and the Bagdad Cafe:

Leaving Kingman the Mother Road climbs into historic gold mining country.

The road really gets hairy with hairpin curves and sheer drops coming hot and heavy. The view of the switchbacks downhill is tremendous.

Oatman is a long past gold mining town. When the mine closed the burros were turned loose. Today they freely roam the streets along with the tourists.

Thank goodness arrived in town just in time to see a wild west bank robbery and shoot out! The bad guys lost!

Met Willie in the Historic Oatman Hotel. The walls are covered with one dollar bills signed by people from around the world. Willie was proud to tell me he had counted and was sure there were over 70,000 dollars on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.

Sportster has lived in Oatman for 26 years. He said, "my name is Sportster as in Harley...been riding all my life...looking for a side car...too hard to ride on only two wheels these days".

Into California. Not a single car on the Mother Road. Know that won't last.

Stopped at Roy's in Amboy for gas. The entire town was recently purchased for $425,000. Buyer got motel, gas station, cafe, school, and post office. There are deals still out here!

The movie "Bagdad Cafe" was filmed in Newberry Springs. The motel and cafe are very original, including the folks living here.

Into Santa Monica on Thursday. Riding along the open road today I began thinking of Forest Gump. Maybe when I get to Santa Monica I'll turn around and head back down the Mother Road to Chicago. If I keep doing this maybe...just maybe...I can get things figured out just like Forest did...

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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